Research Says sex in Hotels is more Fun

There is a scientific reason why couples enjoy a vacation – even for a moment – at a hotel. According to research, the benefits are multiplied for couples.

Apparently, there is a kind of chemical response that is raging in the brain, where you do it in a hotel room. In contrast to the bedroom alone.

This conclusion is not far-fetched, but the results of scientific research from Amy Muise, a psychologist from York University, Canada.

In his study, new adventures that were far different from the routine at home also triggered the emergence of a new exciting adventure in bed.

Muise learns the dynamics that make couples meet the needs of romance, as well as things that make other couples unsatisfied with their sex lives.

Being in a hotel room will stimulate dopamine transmission in the brain. Dopamine is a very powerful neurotransmitter molecule that determines feelings of pleasure and happiness. That is why this process plays an important role in triggering enthusiasm and passion.

Muise said, in psychology, this concept is known as self-expansion, its nature is more than just having fun. “This is about doing new things that are interesting, arousing, challenging, and broadening one’s perspective on their partners, as well as the world,” Muise explained.

Another factor that also supports is the synonymity of hotel and vacation stay. The password is new.

During the holidays’ people usually try new activities, new foods, and other new things. As a result, the desire becomes renewed.

In addition, of course, like the results of previous studies conducted by psychotherapist Ian Kerner, the atmosphere of the hotel room also plays an important role. Clean rooms, new sheets, and everything were neat.

Everything is a pleasant distraction from the routine and daily home conditions that often make couples fail to make love. When in a hotel room, the couple just wants to relax, not thinking about anything else, this makes sex feel warmer and special.

If so, is staying at the hotel an obligation? No, according to Muise.

You can try to explore the city or the neighborhood where you live. Taking an interesting course can also help. Basically, do something new with your partner.

Before you book a hotel room, it’s a good idea to listen to Muise’s and colleagues’ previous research. Although married couples who have sex more often claim to feel happier, those who have sex four or more times a week do not report happier feelings than couples who do it once a week.

So, once a week called Muise – the lead author of the research published in the journal Social Psychological and Personality Science in November – is realistic. The reason is, more than that there are only couples – one or both – who feel burdened.

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