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Cuba Will build New Water Parks in Havana and Varadero

Cuba Will build New Water Parks in Havana and Varadero

The Ministry of Tourism of Cuba this week advanced some aspects of its portfolio of foreign investment opportunities for 2018, an agenda that includes new projects to develop extra-hotel lines of leisure, recreation, and adventure.

According to the news agency Prensa Latina, the Cuban touristic company Palmares S.A has orchestrated at least eight new investment proposals under the modality of contract for the administration of services with financing.

Among these initiatives, the construction of two water parks stands out, one in the main sun and beach pole of Cuba, Varadero, 140 kilometers east of the capital, and the other in Havana, José R. Daniel told the press. Alonso general director of Development, Investment, and Business of the Minturn.

In the case of the installation in the capital city, the specialist pointed out that they study, together with the Institute of Physical Planning, the most convenient area for its construction.

Meanwhile, he explained, the forecast projects to cover the coastal strip, particularly on the beaches located in Havana del Este.

The Minturn business portfolio also includes, for the first time, two projects for the construction of nature and adventure parks. The first will be located in Canasí (community of Santa Cruz del Norte, Mayabeque) and the other in Bahía de Naranjo, Holguín, east of the island.

In addition, through the same modality of contract for the administration of services with financing, two business opportunities are presented for the development and expansion of the marinas of Varadero and Santiago de Cuba.

This includes projects aimed at incorporating new technologies and restoration of the Plaza América Complex and the Josone Park, both in Varadero, and the leisure facilities of the Comodoro Hotel in Havana.

The director clarified that as priorities, these centers will seek to diversify the offers, beyond the sun and beach, in search of positioning the Cuban product in the international market and thereby accelerate the development of tourism.

The Mint’s current portfolio includes approximately 140 projects, of which 34 are for the construction of hotels and 96 under the modality of hotel management and marketing.

The largest of the Antilles hopes to close that year with the visit of some 4.7 million foreign visitors. On November 26, industry authorities accounted for about 4.2 million.