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Hong Kong lottery is Popular in Indonesia

Hong Kong lottery is Popular in Indonesia

One of the most popular games or lottery markets in the Asian region, apart from Singapore Pool, is the Hong Kong Togel, popular in Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei which can be played online through a website managed by an online dealer.

In the former British colony and currently part of China, various forms of gambling are legal and regulated by law. Its implementation is regulated by the state through an official body. Become a very large source of foreign exchange, according to the beginning of this lottery in 1975, to save the country’s economy.

Internet-Based Hong Kong Online

If in a country that is located on the shoreline of the South China Sea, Game fans can buy tickets at existing official outlets, in other countries this is done by placing bets on Hong Kong online lottery sites which are quite large and easy to find on the internet, wrong.

There, the game was named Duo Chong Cai or Liuhecai. As time went by and the fans expanded to foreign countries, including Australia and China, this 49 ball draw is increasingly known as the Hong Kong Pools. The live draw is held every day from Monday-Sunday 23.30 PM local time is the same as Central Indonesian Time.

Apart from Hong Kong Pool, there is also another form of a lottery with the name Hong Kong Mark Six Lotto, born in 2002 with a presence in more than 20 countries, reaching worldwide and being played on an online basis, operated by the company Lotto Direct Limited, deregister in Malta, the country. in the Mediterranean region between Sicily and North Africa.

What is reviewed in this article is about the Hong Kong Pool, Indonesia named it Hong Kong Online, popular in many areas, from Papua to Aceh. The game mechanics have been arranged, there are clear rules of the game, how and the amount of the prize is according to the bet placed, before playing 49 balls every day.

Players in Indonesia in various cities are only allowed to do this via the internet. Do not rely on agents or land carriers which are very risky.

Advantages of Playing Hong Kong Online

How to Play Very Easy
Hong Kong online lottery has a variant, online dark game fans can aim for what they like and especially must be well understood so that the chances of winning are big. Don’t lose before competing.

Great Winning Chances
Playing Hong Kong’s dark has a high chance of winning if the gambler understands it well. The story of online bettor success motivates and inspires many people to place bets on this one game.

Enough with Small Capital
Apart from being easy to play, the chances of winning are large, the online Hong Kong lottery betting market is also minimal. With only a small capital, anyone can play. Even the price of a pack of cigarettes burned in vain is more expensive when compared to playing the lottery on the internet with the opportunity to get a prize which is very much a comparison if seen from the rupiah investment value at stake.

Bonuses and Rewards are available
Since the very first time, prospective members have registered for a good online dark gambling site, they have been treated to bonuses. Starting from new member bonuses to member get member business opportunities known as lottery referrals. In Gawai Togel, 1% of the accumulated money played by the referred partner. This system is even valid for life.

Tips for playing the Hong Kong lottery so that the chances of winning are higher

This note needs to be considered, if you are a beginner or want to add more trail to playing the lottery on the internet, which can also be applied to similar games with a similar system, namely random ball draw.

  • Predictions of Small Numbers
    One of the formulas for predicting HK lottery numbers is that you can use small-large number group predictions. For example, by taking a group of numbers from 00–99, then dividing it into two parts. Group small numbers from 00–49 and for large groups of numbers 50–99. If you have 12 selected numbers, you can take a number with a combination of 6 from the small group and six from the large group or a combination of 8/4 or 4/8, meaning 4 numbers for small groups and 8 numbers for large groups as well as for different combinations.
  • Prediction of Odd-Even Numbers
    Another way is to predict odd-even numbers. For example, if you want to mix a choice of 12 numbers, a good combination is predicted as follows, 4/8 and 8/4 or for 6/6. This means that divide the odd and even numbers according to the composition, for example, four odd and eight even, as well as for other formulas.